Sunday, November 20, 2016

Why Not?

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,

I would like to weigh in on your column where a mother justified her daughter’s use of a smartphone in the classroom.

As a retired educator, I applaud your stance that smartphones should not be permitted therein. I’d like to share:

First: Kids will take advantage of situations that offer them instant gratification.

Second: Kids manipulate you to their advantage.

Third: Kids lay guilt trips to get their way.

One of the major problems in society today is that we have children raising children.

Parents are afraid to be strong. Abdicating parental responsibility doesn’t help your child or society.

Here’s my personal experience:

When our daughter was sixteen, I refused to allow her to attend an all-night after-prom party. She looked me in the eye and said “I hate you!” I responded, “I’m sorry, but I love you enough to let you hate me.”

It’s sometimes painful being a good parent.

And just because you can make a baby does not make you a good parent!

Venting Parent

Dear Venting Parent,

Thank you for loving your daughter and being a responsible parent and educator.

Being a valiant educator is a brave and difficult profession in our culture of entitlements.

We agree that many parents have become unwilling to accept their responsibility to teach their children right from wrong, manners, consideration, values, virtues, morals, ethics and common courtesy. However, there are parents who battle our current culture of self-centered behaviors which adults have adopted as our modern-day standard.

Yes, children want instant gratification, can be manipulative, and try to guilt-trip others to get what they want.

But we need to remember that children are born with innate goodness and divine worth. They need encouragement, praise, and guidance with consistent and clearly defined boundaries.

Clearly defined boundaries help children learn how to Define Yourself Before Others Do™.

Simply put, being a parent today is a giant, never-ending, career with priceless benefits … if done well.

Pat yourself on the back for saying no to your daughter and meaning it. Your example may well create a generational standard of family strength and integrity.

Today’s column about parents, teachers, children, and our current cultural standards, gives cause to ignite our foundation’s campaign for Civility for a New Generation.

As our bumper sticker says: Why Not, Prescott? End Bullying NOW.

It displays our determination to make Prescott the city with the most civility and the least bullying. Yes, it’s a lofty dream … but we say, “Why Not?”

Civility, Courage, Confidence, Creativity, and strong Carriage – our 5 C’s of good leadership will bring dignity, integrity, and high merit to our city, while also reducing abuse, bullying, suicide, and victimhood.

If you are committed and determined to change our new generations from Victims to Survivors to (good) Leaders … our Triangle-of-Triumph™, then please get a free “Why Not, Prescott?” bumper sticker from the Prescott Unified School District office at 146 S. Granite Street. Stickers will soon be placed on our school buses!

If you’re in another town and want your own bumper stickers, contact us.

City by city, let’s become a new generation of civility! Why Not?

Rhonda and Dr. Cheri

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