Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kids need reverence

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,
I can't get this off my mind. I read your column after finding it one Sunday. For the most part I agree with what you say, however, this thought is about what you didn't say.

A girl who committed suicide here in our town, Prescott, and was only 12 or 13 years old seemed to only cause some to feel affected for a short while and then that was it. No one mentions it anymore. No one has said why she committed suicide, except some have said she was bullied really badly with text messages which told her to go kill herself.

If it's true that the girl who killed herself was bullied by someone saying something as awful as that, why isn't the bully arrested? Don't we have laws about that?

Worse still, when I went to the balloon release memorial for her, I saw about 200, mostly kids, joking around, swearing, and on their cell phones acting without any reverence for a young girl's short life. The kids only settled down when the program started which was a solid twenty minutes or so of this disrespectful way of paying homage to this poor girl and her family.

Can anything be done?


Where's the reverence?

Dear Ms. Reverence,

I did address the girl's death in a column, which you may look up at dcourier.com.

My understanding is that an investigation is still ongoing.

The behavior at her memorial, by many, was disturbing. There was a blatant lack of reverence and respect for the loss of a young girl's life.

Our current culture of narcissism or being so self-absorbed is due in large part to the lack of true communication that involves using appropriate body language and tone of voice, which is 93 percent of the high standard of communication involving one's values, feelings, morals and characteristics (not to mention using an intelligent vocabulary).

That leaves a horrid seven percent of communication using words only. Most texts can't be categorized as real words because of the common abbreviations used.

The definition of the word "reverence" means deep respect, regard, and treatment with due admiration and respect for someone or something.

Respect, and reverence is lost on a great many of this generation, because of the empty, distant, and non- human devices used to communicate and not using our hearts, minds, and souls.

We, the former generations, need to step up and start demanding less usage of tech communication and more real person to person- heart to heart communication.

We'd like to start a revolution against cell phones at school. Bullying and sexual harassment are, in large part, because of easy access to porn and rude messages and behavior.

No cell phones at school!

A reader responds to a past column on intellectual bullies:
I enjoy reading your columns. I'm sorry that we still have to put up with bullies. Tell the bullied woman to start taking college classes. Yavapai College is very affordable. She should also avoid the bully. I got my BS degree because I felt the same pressure as the bullied woman did. But I work in a big medical center where everyone has advanced degrees, except one woman who was made miserable by the elite bullies. I got my advanced degree so I wouldn't be looked down upon and bullied. Education boosts self-confidence. She should finish her BA or BS.

Dear Reader:

Thank you for your enlightened advice. We are grateful for your response; however, we do believe a person's value does not depend upon her education alone. She's a child of God and that alone has great value.

Rhonda and Dr. Cheri

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