Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Crushed Christian

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,

I'm a Christian who goes to a public high school. I was home-schooled until my parents said I needed to learn how to deal with the "real world." I wish they would come and see what the real world is like for me. It's real-mean!

I get pushed and shoved. Kids swear at me, tease me, ripped my jacket and tell me I should get laid. They tease me about me even understanding what that means. I'm not stupid.

They took my bible and threw it around the room. I tried not to cry and it just doesn't work.

I made a good friend who said she was Christian also. Then when I invited her over to my home and she met my parents and saw pictures of Jesus Christ, she left early and didn't have dinner with me like she said she would.

The next thing I know, she and everyone is writing stuff about me on Facebook. I don't even have a Facebook account. So that girl and her friend printed it out and shoved the papers into my locker.

They don't treat the atheists this badly! They respect them or something. I want to go to a Christian school or be home-schooled again. Sometimes I just don't want to be Christian anymore.

My parents tell me to be kind and turn the other cheek like Jesus would do. That maybe worked for him, but it doesn't for me.

Why would anyone be so cruel just because I'm a "Christian-Christian?"

If this is the real world, forget it!


Treated Worse Than an Atheist

Dear Worse than an Atheist,

We admire your valiant belief and being who you say you are. Take your faith and do not stand down! Do not give in and do not give up!

As you embrace your authenticity, you will find less and less need to be concerned with what your cruel abusers admire ... be it atheists or "cool" kids. You know in your heart of hearts that you are stronger than the fiercest bullies who are tormenting you. Concentrate on you and how you handle challenges.

As the warrior of your belief, you are being faced with our current upside-down world. You parents have faith in you and they believe in your courage and capabilities. You have talents that you haven't yet tapped into ... such as creating a mentoring program at your school for leaders you find that have compassion for the ones not yet strong enough to defend themselves.

We suggest placing your energies where they count, such as, start a club of like-minded people (of all religions and beliefs) and invite them to help you join in the virtuous fight against campus injustice. Write a newsletter and get approval from a teacher to help you change your school environment and the type of leaders that are revered. You can change in this process and you will love yourself and others more than you'll imagine.

Be FEARLESS! Use prayer for guidance and to come to know the angel you are and need to be on your campus.

Use your body language to do your speaking. Stand up tall! Stand up to the small minded. Other "Christian-Christians" need your leadership!

We believe in you too!


Rhonda and Dr. Cheri

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