Saturday, September 27, 2014

No Job 5.26.14

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,

My friend at work steals clothes. I don’t want to get into trouble and she told me to stop talking and looking at her. I guess she got scared I was going to report her, so she told the Assistant Manager that I took a bit, but she was really the one who did it.  The assistant said she was going to tell the DM (District Manager) but she never did. Then I heard my friend and the Assistant laughing and talking about me to some kids from school about what a loser I am and that they don’t know how I got this job cause I look “trash” and if they get caught they are going to blame me.

I call in sick all the time, so I can’t get blamed, but I’m going to lose my job. I already lost my friends. I’m going to quit school and go get another job and new friends, but I’m scared about putting down this job on my application. And I really liked my job.

No Job

Dear No Job,

We applaud your faith. We applaud your desire to change your situation, instead of trying to change other people.  You have hope and goodness. You aren’t allowing their unkindness and cruel mistreatment (Not to mention criminal activities) to prevent you from taking positive action steps forward. You are a good, smart and the rare young girl who won’t let these mean bullies stop you from achieving your dreams.  Since you are young, it is wise to not put this job on future applications and don’t talk to anyone about your bad experiences since it will keep you a victim.

However, you will do well to stay in school (even if you have to switch schools or participate in homeschool type programs).  Take your leadership, courage and confidence and create a wonderful and happy life for yourself.

We believe in you! Thanks for being a great example of civility!

Rhonda and Dr. Cheri

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