Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ugly Ginger Giant 2.10.4

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,

I had a best friend who started saying mean things to me like, “Ur such a troll” or “Ur such a weirdo giant” and “Comb your oily ugly hair, ginger” and she’d laugh and whisper to her new friends. Her new friends used to not be her friends at all and she would tell me she hated them because they were so nasty.

I felt so bad that I finally told my mom because my mom wanted to know why I didn’t go over to her house anymore. I used to cry every night so I wrote her a letter asking her why she was doing this to me and she laughed about it and ripped it up in front of her friends.

My mom and dad went to the school and even my grandma. So the school said they’d talk to her and then nothing happened. So I had to go to another school.

I made a new friend and we are going to be in the same class in 4th grade together, but a boy in my new school used to go to my old school and went to a summer camp with me and started pushing me at camp and called me an ugly giant. The camp leader told me to ignore him, but now he’s probably going to keep acting this way in my new school and I’m scared he’ll make me lose my new friend and I’ll have to go to another school or something.

Please help me quick before school starts.??


Ugly Ginger Giant

Dear (We can’t bring ourselves to use your signature title as you have bullied yourself),

In the movie The Help a young girl is told, “ You are good, you are smart, you are important.” You need to write this down and tape it to your mirror or closet (I am good, I am smart, I am important). Say this to yourself every single day to remind yourself that this is how God sees you.

You can learn to see yourself at your best. You are the one who decides and chooses to Define Yourself Before Others Do.

You do not deserve to have someone call you names, laugh at you, humiliate or physically harms or contact you. A consequence for the bully perpetrator should be demanded and the bully should be the one removed from the school.

Other appropriate actions, i.e. public service, social skills courses, mandated mentoring programs or civil service should be required by the school and camp leaders or authorities. Ask your parents to insist on actions to publicly protect and comfort you. All involved adults and students that participated (even by association with the events) need to be taught absolute intolerance for bullying (which is mistreatment).

Bullies are cowards because they don’t have the courage to become a better person in their own integrity.

Bullies seek to inflict their control on others (especially in front of an audience) because that is the only way they think they can build up their power. Putting down others does not build up a leader.

You can become a leader by taking advantage of your tall physique and walking with tall posture. Then style, your beautiful and unique red hair.

Present yourself to others with refinement. Look this word up and then continue to learn a new word each week of your life to increase your vocabulary because it will empower you with great communication skills.

Also, reduce or stop your texting and social media contact and increase your personal face to face communication instead. Texting can damage communication skills (Because of incorrect spelling and grammar etc.).

You can leave victimhood behind by becoming tall inside. How do you become tall inside? You become tall inside by being good, being smart and learning that you are important.


Rhonda and Dr. Cheri

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