Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scared Too 2.3.14

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,

I know someone down the street who is in a band with me and she plays the flute. She is really good, but she doesn’t have any friends that I can think of. She is really shy and looks kind of sloppy like she never washes her hair.

Every few days these other kids from the band start following her home and I have seen them push her, call her names and grab her flute and throw it away from her. She never ever stands up for herself.

The other day I asked her why she didn’t stand up for herself and tell anyone. She just shrugged her shoulders and ran into her house.

It happened again today and I said to, “Stop it” to the other kids and she said that it was okay and told me to go home so I did. But I turned around and they were really being mean and playing football with her Flute inside of her case.?


Scared Too!

Dear Scared Too,

Congratulations for being brave enough to say something to those bullies. You are a Good Samaritan by observing and taking action. We hope you did so in a calm manner because you do not want to unwittingly incite the bullies with counter aggression.

Now you must go one step further to protect her and yourself.  You must report this now to a parent, school administrator or teacher such as your band leader. You should also call the police as it is happening because the bullies are physically assaulting your band-mate.

They will not stop bullying in your neighbor until they are reported to someone with authority. This is a statistical fact. However, they will now target you because you spoke out, but didn’t follow through and they will view it as weakness.

Your classmate told you to go home because she (unwisely) thinks they will stop if she isn’t going to report them. Bullies take action against others who seem weaker than they are because they like to control others. It makes them feel empowered (Even though it is false empowerment).

She may also have tried to protect you. Being quiet will never stop their attacks. In fact, when bullies are not thwarted, their assaults will increase and you both could be in serious danger.

First: Speak out to the authorities now!

Next: Invite your new friend over and have an evening of experimenting with makeup, skin care and beauty products. Your actions could help her feel like someone cares about her (Make sure you are genuine in your care). She may step up to take better care of her own self.

Her self worth will increase because you cared, and your self worth will increase because you served another child of God.

Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone. We’re proud of you for doing the right thing.


Rhonda and Dr. Cheri

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