Saturday, June 28, 2014

No Home Schooling Please 3.3.14

Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,

Last year, in middle school, I had three best friends and we did everything together. Except two of my friends started messing around with drugs and one of my friends and I didn’t want to so we hung out more over the summer. She must have told her parents because we are back in school now and the two girls got in trouble over it.

Now they blame me and they are playing tricks on me and getting other girls to be mean to me too. I just want us all to be friends again like we used to be friends. What should I do?

The other girl is being homeschooled now (Her mom told the police she was being threatened to be beaten up) and my mom wants to homeschool me now too, because my mom says I am being bullied and she is tired of seeing me get hurt and crying after school.??

No Home Schooling Please
Dear No Home Schooling Please,

The great news is that you recognize that things changed and you are writing to express your feelings about those changes. Change is hard because it can cause fear. However, change may also cause you to grow into the wonderful woman you CHOOSE to be in your future.

It’s good that you decided to move away from the dangers that two of your former friends started to engage in. The girls who used to be your friends are making different choices than you want to make.

Congratulations for not putting yourself in the harmful way of drugs.

You cannot make them into the “friends” they used to be because they now want to bully you and your other friend for making better choices than they did. Your homeschooled friend may have been trying to help them and I imagine she could use your friendship now and you may need her kindness now too.

The type of emotion (and possibly physical) bullying the other two have thrown at you two is very harmful for you.

Your mom sees the need to remove you in order to protect you and allow you to stop being a victim which is great!

Learn to : Define Yourself Before Others Do so you may become a leader. Good for your mom because many parents don’t know what to do.

You are embarking on what we call the Triangle of Triumph! It will allow you to move past the Victim stage and become a Survivor (by learning to define who you are and who you want to be) so you may become the leader that God wants you to be!

Good changes may become exciting for you! Try to turn your fear into excitement by only looking forward and not turning back. Now new opportunities will be created for you, which will be the polar opposite of you feeling fearful.


Rhonda and Dr. Cheri

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